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Industry Outlook

Developers, gamers, and computer geeks from around the world gather at an annual technology festival in São Paulo.
Photo: Nacho Doce/Reuters
Brazil’s information technology sector expects to see large investment in cloud computing, big data, and mobility, according to a forthcoming report. 

Investor Outlook

Turkey's new mandatory system for buying soccer tickets risks alienating fans.
Photo: Murad Sezer/Reuters
Turkey introduced a mandatory credit-card purchasing system for soccer tickets on April 20 operated as a monopoly by Aktif  Bank, a subsidiary of Calik Holding, a firm with close links to top government figures.The new system has prompted protests by soccer fans, who claim it is a method for the government to spy on and blacklist individual supporters.

Risk Outlook

Businesses of all kinds want to see greater economic cooperation among gulf countries.
Photo: Hassan Ammar/AP
Gulf foreign ministers said on April 17 that a public dispute among them had ended.

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